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Masco is the Best Gym in Sivagangai City

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Masco Gym Sivagangai. The ultimate top class Gym in sivagangai ran by Sensai M.Paramasivam and they are pioneer in the health clubs.

Mr.Paramasivam and his Marzial Arts club also coaching Carate centre, yoga, silambam, yoro fix, classic dance to the students and all age group at sivagangai gandhi road.

Business Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 7am to 10:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Sivagangai Masco GYM

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Dial Online Get Offer +91-93609 21229

Equiped Masco Gym for Men and Woman

Indoor view of Sivagangai Masco Gym and Instruments

Yoga | Classical Dance Training @ Sivaganga

Yoga Classical Dance Training Centre at Sivagangai

Sivagangai Masco GYM