Hotel Gowri Sivagangai

Hotel Gowri located at Sivaganga and one of the Best Non Vegetarian Hotel in Sivagangai. Hotel Gowri has been served with high class food items in fresh mode along with Quality.

Hotel Gowri A/C Sivaganga

Hotel Gowri a quality food items are available. Mutton briyani, Chicken Briyanai, Andra Biriyani, Achi Briyani, 20 Mutton Gravy items, 25 Chicken items, Chicken lolly pop, Boneless Chicken, Iral Gravy, Mutton pepper gravy, Nandu Boneless, Fish fry, Vanjiram Fry, Muyal fry, Vankozhi Briyani, Purotta, Nan, Button Nan, Dosa are the major food items with high class environment A/C shop. Located at Sivaganga Madurai Mukku Bus Stop.

HOTEL GOWRI - SIVAGANGAI, Gowri Hotel located at sivagangai Madurai Mukku and it have a lot of unique and high tech non veg dishes. It has very tasty and cost effective. All the special products and foods prepared by quality oils and items.

Business Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: Full Day Opened

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Mutton Fry, Grill Chicken, Prawns Gravy, Nandu Fry, Fish Fry, Boneless, Lolly POP

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