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This website was developed and maintained by Muthukumaran from Sivagangai and i am working in the Software Industry. My Objective and Vision is to promote my home town to world wide. And also i want to share sivagangai news to world wide sivagangai friends and families
This website includes sivagangai schools, sivaganga colleges, bank information’s, sivagangai employment office, Bus and Train timings, marudhupandiyar history, and velunachiyar history and sivagangai phone numbers, hotels, tourist places links are available.

Medical College

RS 97 Crore invested for the total college campus and medical college hospital building, it was functioning with 100 students and the first year was completed. The building includes 200-bed in patient ward, out-patient ward, students's hostel and quarters for professors.
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The Orgin of Sivagangai Kingdom

Sivagangai PalaceAccording to tradition, the original seat of Sivagangai family is Nalukotai near sholapuram. Regunatha Sethupathy alias Kilavan Sethupathy of Ramnad (1674 - 1710) invested one Periya Udaya Thevar of Nalukottai with the rank of a poligar or military chieftain. He granted him lands for the support of three hundred troops. He also conferred on him the title of Nalukottai poligar.

The ‘GOWRI VILASAM’ the palace of Royal House of sivagangai, the capital of modern sivagangai district as a historical moment and as the seat of all the past glories and heroic deeds of the then Maravar Kings is now being left uncared with scorching look of veritable Sahara.

The history of the orgin of sivagangai is amusing with sorrowful beginning and valorous ending.

Para Rajakesari Kilavan Sethupathy who was on the throne of Ramnad from 1674 to 1710, gave Nalukottai a small village six miles away on the northern side of sivagangai as a gift to kandumeki sivarama sasivarna udaya thevar in appreciation of his bravery. Furthermore, he was given somemore villages surrounding Nalukottai and the revenue from these villages would enable him to maintain a battalion of 300 soldiers.

The death of Kilavan Sethupathy the king of ramnad in 1710 was followed by a war of succession to the throne and in that war of succession, the illegal son of Kilavan Sethupathy’s concubine, bavani sankaran(1725-1728) emerged out with success. His hostility towards Sasivarna Thevar of Nalukottai made him step down from the throne of Nalukottai palayam.

The dethroned Sasivarna Thevar having left with a grief and disappointment was one day sleeping under the shade of a Jambool tree. The fortune started began favoring him in the form of one great saint names Sri Sattapiah, who was sitting in deep meditation on the eastern side of the Jambool tree. Then a lion on conch in the right palm of Sasivarna Thevar and circular lines in his feet fell in the sight of the saint. At once the saint was able to foresee that Sasivarna Thevar had a bright future.

Sasivarna Thevar, who woke up from his sleep prostrated before the saint and begged for saint’s blessings after narrating him a vivid picture of his sufferings and hardships. As instructed by the hermit, Sasivarna Thevar had a dip in the holy water of a nearby spring and then the sacred ash or vibuthi was put on his forehead, as a mark of blessing. The saint also taught him a secret mantra in his ears. The sacred spring in which Sasivarna Thevar had a dip is now at the heart of the town bearing the name ‘SIVAGANGAI’ there is another story which tells us about the name of sivagangai, that is ferocious tiger red in color was sleeping near a bush where the hermit was in deep meditation. The word sivagangai is said to have been derived from the word SHEV VENGAI which means Red Tiger.

Then ramnad was divided in to five parts. He retained three parts for himself and granted two parts to Sasivarna Thevar. The region comprising two parts came under the flag of Sasivarna Thevar.

The History of SIVAGANGAI commences from 22.01.1730. The first king of sivagangai was Sasivarna Thevar who came to be called Kandumekki alias and officially Rajah Muthuvijaya Regunatha Sivarama Sasivarna Periya Udaya Thevar. [1730 - 1750]. Read Full History

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Sivagangai Medical College

SIVAGANGA: New Sivagangai medical college, and hospital...

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Sivagangai Festivals
Sivagangai Festivals

Sivagangai Car Festival, Flower festival [Poothiruvizha], Navarathiri functions info and photos...

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How to Reach Sivagangai

By Train
Chennai to Rameswaram broad gauge train service reached sivaganga by train via Trichy and Karaikudi. Time Schedule
By Bus
Sivagangai is connected by road to all the important towns in Tamilnadu. Government and private buses could also take you there from anywhere in Tamilnadu. The nearest airport is at Madurai Flights are available to Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy.

Sivagangai Photos

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Sivagangai Education

Raja Duraisingam Arts college, women’s college, and so many engineering colleges are located near by sivagangai.


Near by medical college a very big sports stadium work completed and see the more photographs in the separate link of this website.

Sivagangai History

Rani Velu Nachiar and her daughter Vellachi Nachiar lived under the protection of Hyder Ali at Virupakshi near Dindigul. Frustrated by the joining of forces against him, the Nawab ordered that Velu Nachiar and the Marudhu brothers were permitted to return to Sivaganga to rule the country subject to payment of Kist to the Nawab. Abiding by this Order, Rani Velu Nachiar accompanied by the Marudhu brothers and Vellachi Nachiar entered Sivaganga. An agreement was reached whereby Rani Velu Nachiar was permitted to govern the Sivaganga Country and Chinna Marudhu, the younger was appointed her minister and the elder Vellai Marudhu as the Commander-in-chief. Thus the widow Queen Velu Nachiar succeeded her husband in 1780.

BKA Glass & Plywoods Sivagangai

Baji Textiles

a one

Sri Chakra Dental Clinic

Hotel gowri sivagangai

Master Bakery

Arun Studio

 Sivagangai Introduction & Headquarters

Sivagangai is a Headquarters for Sivagangai District. Sivagangai became a headquarters in the period of Mr.M.G.Ramachandran Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on that day.


After became a Headquarters, Sivagangai much developed in various sectors like Education, Government Organizations, Hospital facilities, Roads, Local Business and prestigious Government Medical College and Hospital. Around the Sivagangai palace, lot of new building are constructed and new business is coming day by day. For example new Vasan Eye Care Hospital established his new branch at Sivagangai at Gandhi Road. Already new Government Hospital built with new instruments and fully equipped infrastructure. New Government Medical College successfully ran and completed one year with 100 students. This is a new milestone of Sivagangai. Even in the Google Search, the rating of Sivagangai keyword is increased and got more organic traffic.

Bus & Train Services

Sivagangai Railway Station and services are much developed 5 years back [July 02, 2008] and the New Broad Gauge Railway Track with new station building was built. Train services connect Chennai, Thirupathi, Rameswaram, Kasi [Varanasi], Trichy and some other important places through Chennai Rameswaram express, New Silambu Express and More. This is a Link for know about More Railway services from Sivagangai.

Sivagangai has connected with all the major cities with Bus Services from Sivagangai Bus stand. Sivagangai frequently connected with Madurai city, Manamadurai, Trichy, Karaikudi, Rameswaram, Coimbatore and Chennai etc. We can catch the flights from Madurai or Trichy Airports from Sivagangai. Government and Private A/C buses are available from Sivagangai Bus Stand to Chennai in the Night Timings.


Sivagangai education is now competitive with over Tamilnadu Schools and Colleges. Higher education Schools, Central Government Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Goverment Womens College, Arts colleges, Many Engineering Colleges, Medical College everything is available now a days. Many Internet Browsing centres, Coaching centres, Computer Hardware vendors are available for best services to students and Government Organizations.

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